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  • 1. Why should I hire Bozzie Boggs?

    Bozzie has always been accessible for his clients. Many times a lawyer hides from communication, not Bozzie.

  • 2. How much does it cost?

    For injury and death cases, the Boggs Law Firm does not charge a fee until your case is resolved. In criminal cases, the fee depends on the particular charge, which level of court, and the location of the court.

  • 3. What other help is available?

    Should the Boggs Law Firm not be able to address your specific case, Bozzie will point you in the right direction and suggest the appropriate person or way to better help you.

    If the Boggs Law Firm is the right fit for you then we not only handle your legal needs, but we try to get you any additional help that is needed – whether counseling for wrongful death survivors or addiction help for criminal defendants, our goal is to help you find the best life you can have after your legal case is over.

Our Services


Criminal Defense

Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference between keeping your record clear and staying out of jail, and conviction.

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Personal Injury

Regardless of your situation or your age, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you investigate the basis of your claim and ensure that your claim is filed in a timely manner.

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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation can be divided into several stages, including investigation, pleadings, discovery, pretrial proceedings, potential settlement or trial, and even appeal.

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We’ve been helping people in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson and Clemson SC since 1999.


About Lawyer

I am Cameron G. “Bozzie” Boggs and I started the Boggs Law Firm to help people in need. For almost 20 years, I have been telling clients what they need to hear and NOT what they want to hear.

At my firm, you will have access to me, not just a staff. I have maintained that individual attention and have purposely kept our focus on the individual client.

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